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Panduan Belajar Cara Membuat Stempel

Guide to learn how to make a stamp will be able to answer our anxiety in this difficult time now, pekerjaanpun field seemed hard to get, you may be confused to find work or start their own business, many factors that cause it, you may not  have the experience or does not have the expertise to start a business.
in addition, the lack of capital is one of the obstacles in starting a business. for the study guide How membat Seals will assess how much capital should be spent.
Maybe also because we are filled with a sense of inner doubt if it should choose to run a business will be berahasil or not.
Whatever type of business we want to run the course, we must be sure to run it, because the confidence and tenacity will certainly make the effort key to success in running a business later. And most important of course is the idea of the guide Learn how to create a stamp will give you an idea of business with very little capital but earn enough profit. Due to limited capital.
In this blog we offer businesses in manufacturing rubber stamps, we will teach you where to get the ingredients and of course accompanied by a study guide tutorial   stamp-making.

Why did the stamp business
You may ask, why how business stamp?
Since the first venture capital stamp does not require a large and very easy to run. As the calculation: to buy wooden handle stamp is reasonably priced for the market range between 600 - 1000 dollars, to buy rubber Runaflek market size 25x19.5 cm for about Rp. 60.000, -, then the size of 5 mm plywood boards, costing 70,000.
With less than 200,000 you can open a business stamp.
Capital and even then can be trimmed if you have plywood or unused former board, so do not buy plywood. If the calculations without buying plywood you need is capital 100,000. while the stamp price range per one seed between 15000-20000. for it in the manual will be taught how to create a stamp that does not dispose of all engineering materials useless.
Approximately 1 stamp requires an average size 5x5 cm. so the average runaflek rubber can be produced about 20 seeds stamp.
So kalkulsi end is 20 x 15,000 = 300,000
If the reduced purchasing + rubber stamp handles Runaflek = 60,000 + (20 x 1000) = 80,000
So the results obtained for 1 package of rubber runaflek = 300000-80000 = 220,000
Assuming plywood boards do not buy, so you can imagine   2X benefit. Suppose also bought plywood boards. Still a great benefit because the average plywood boards for 70,000, with a length of 2.5 m and a width of 1.5 meters. When used to stamp board size of 5 x 5 cm and even then can be used for 1500 stamp.
The second ingredient of manufacture stamp will not rot so can be stored indefinitely. In learning how to make a stamp guide will explain how to save runaflek rubber to prevent damage.

Free make stamp
However, to make the necessary expertise with a special stamp, for that we offer a guide to learn how to make a stamp complete with pictures and tutorials for designing using coreldraw x4.
If you ask why is explained about the design with coreldraw? Free design with CorelDraw can  to save production costs, and even then we include in the tutorial guide to   learn how to make a stamp ,  if all left to the experts once you design the course design + print film an average of 5,000 / design. But if we could design their own we just spend 2,000 to 1 folio size tracing. Say 1 we can trace the design folio 20 stamp designs. So we have saved money.
You are advised to read the preliminary picture is also made with a rubber stamp runaflek
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